'Consumers outgrow the simplicity of older brands'

'Consumers outgrow the simplicity of older brands'


'Consumers are looking for more differentiated products and brands. The biggest trend in emerging markets - especially in India - is that consumer demand is maturing, outgrowing the simplicity of the older bakery brands', says Dev Amritesh, president of Dunkin' Donuts India. 

At our Taste Tomorrow event in Tokyo a line-up of industry leaders took the stage to discuss about our industry's future and the trends in bread, patisserie and chocolate. One of them was Dev Amritesh, President & COO at Dunkin' Donuts India. We spoke to him about changing consumer demand.

...Previously, this simplicity granted the population access to new products quickly and on a broad scale. However, people have now grown out of the offering of these more straightforward ranges of "classical products" and are looking at the market to answer to higher demands of innovation. 'After consuming the same products and brands for the last 10-15 years there is now room for new brands!'

'An Indian crisis in freshness'
'I think India needs a new response to freshness. The environmental conditions in India are very intimidating and almost cause a crisis in freshness. In our country we want to make and keep our products fresh but the reality doesn’t allow you to do so. It's a very exceptional situation to have extremely high humidity and high temperature both at the same time. There’s an opportunity for companies like Puratos to come up with new product innovations that suit such a challenging environment.

There is a need to come up with new solutions that allow the product to remain hydrated in Indian climate conditions and at the same time keep the freshness. I think this might be the key to unlocking the full potential of the Indian bakery market that until now has not really been taking off. I expect that there will be an organic, safe, simple, natural solution that somebody in the near future is going to crack, so it will become possible to deliver world-class freshness even in Indian conditions.'