Consumer insight: it's the age of abundance

Consumer insight: it's the age of abundance


The Taste Tomorrow research shows that more than 50% of the consumers worldwide expect food to become more "diverse" in the future. Consumers believe more variety, broader availability and more on-the-go and ready-made solutions are coming their way. It's the age of abundance. 

We asked consumers - more than 11.000 of them - to look into the future of food and talk about their expectations for the year 2025. The results have been summarized into four key observations; the first one is Age of Abundance.

Optimistic outlook
Over the next 10 years, consumers expect food to become more diverse, more innovative, more convenient (ready-made and on-the-go) and better available. Scroll through the interactive infographic to discover the research highlights or download the PDF, at the bottom of the page.

Some interesting facts: 
- 65% of consumers in Asia-Pacific expect food to become more diverse
- 62% of all European consumers predict more ready-made food in 2025
- on-the-go is really considered as being an integral part of the future food

In the upcoming months we will focus on how this key observation impacts our business. Stay tuned for trend updates, interviews, expert opinions, recipes and best practices.


In the course of 2016 we will also inform you about the other three key observations. These are:

Food under pressure: 
People are more pessimistic about the quality and healthiness of their food. They fear it will lose quality, naturalness, healthiness and freshness. 

Lost in translation: 
Consumers are confused by the stream of (contradictory) messages about food in the media. They lack fact-based knowledge to make good food choices and therefore demand transparency and clear labels.

My sustainability: 
Consumers look at sustainability from a personal perspective rather than on an environmental scale. They make sustainable choices if they will personally benefit from it.