Clear labels are a must


The vast majority of consumers regularly read the information on the packaging of the finished goods they buy. They look for clues to reassure themselves about the quality, the ingredients used and the sourcing. Clear labels and information from field to fork help provide the transparency they ask for. But what specific information are they looking for, and how can you best respond to this transparency trend?

Taste Tomorrow: a foodstep into the future 
Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest bakery, patisserie and chocolate consumer survey. It gathers data from over 17,000 consumers in 40 countries and leads to fresh insights about health, taste, convenience, experience, digital trends and more. The latest survey reveals nine key worldwide trends. One of these trends is ‘transparency’.

Consumers want transparency from field to fork
The Taste Tomorrow survey reveals that consumers are seeking more and more information about the products they consume. Globally, 91% of consumers read the information on the packaging. 

Clear labels are a must

On-pack information
Consumers check the product label to be informed or to be reassured. But what exactly are they looking for? Most of them look for information on ingredients and nutritional value (what’s in it?), and additives and claims (is it healthy?). But it’s not just about ingredients: consumers require transparency in the entire food supply chain, from field to fork. So they also look for the source of the product, and its ingredients.
Clear labels are a must

What information is most important for consumers, depends on the region in which they live. 
Clear labels are a must

Storytelling needs to go beyond packaging
All the above makes it apparent that clear product labels on packaging are crucial. The survey also indicates that most consumers are interested to hear more about the craft, the history and heritage of a product or its maker. However, they don’t necessarily look for that information on the packet!

The point is that on the packaging, consumers look for fact-based information. To create a bond with the consumer, you’ll need to tell your story beyond the packaging and create a next-level experience for consumers. 
Clear labels are a must

Key take-aways from the ‘transparency’ trend
Consumers actively look for information on the packaging. They want to be informed and reassured about the entire production process. To meet their need for transparency, you should keep the following take-aways in mind:

  • Clear labels remain key 
  • Transparent sourcing is essential
  • Ingredients and nutrition values are read
  • Consumers look for the presence of additives and claims

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