Classic meets curious

Classic meets curious


Tradition shows to be future-proof and provides a solid foundation for future innovation. In this new brochure the classic cream cake meets the curious in eight surprising recipes.

According to our Taste Tomorrow survey, consumers clearly show a desire for new concepts and innovative ideas, while at the same time cherishing the old. The old familiair smell, the home-made look & feel, the traditional approach versus innovation. Because our customers are always looking to innovate or re-invent their classics. Whether that is in terms of application, flavour or texture. They are looking for a twist on traditional norms.

Satin Cream Cake is a versatile cakemix, for the production of filled and unfilled cake. Satin mixes are easy to bake, that allow you to offer a wide selection of tastes, shapes and sophistication. Be it a classic chocolate cake or a curious-looking Cake’aron. Download the recipe leaflet with 8 inspiring cake recipes.