Cho'code recipe: cracking the sustainability code

Cho'code recipe: cracking the sustainability code


Cacao is a versatile ingredient: it’s considered to be nutritious and energizing on top of being delicious. Puratos offers Belcolade: real Belgium chocolate, made from cacao that is produced with respect for the cacao farmer and the environment. 


Good for all
Ensuring the quality of chocolate now and in the future, is our main priority. Therefore we work hard towards a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. Surprise your customers with this Cho’code recipe, made with Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73. Besides a good look, it also feels good. In this recipe we combine delicious chocolate with two other power ingredients that consumers appreciate for their sustainable criteria: coffee and bananas. 


Pecan nut and brewed coffee sablé
  • Pecan nuts powder 50 g0
  • PatisFrance hazelnut powder 50 g
  • PatisFrance Crousticrep 15 g
  • Brewed coffee 7 g
  • Flour 150 g
  • Brown sugar 75 g
  • Butter 130 g
  • Salt 3
Banana creamy
  • PatisFrance Starfruit Banana 125 g
  • Fresh cream 35% 125 g
  • Orange zest 0,5 g
  • Egg yolks 50 g
  • Belcolade Lait Origins Vietnam 45 140 g
  • Belcolade Noir Origins Vietnam 73 40 g
Mousse noir Vietnam
  • Full fat milk 320 g
  • Fresh cream 35% 320 g
  • Granulated sugar 80 g
  • Egg yolks 120 g
  • Belcolade Noir Origins Vietnam 73 480 g
  • Belcolade Noir Origins Costa Rica 64 120 g
  • Fresh cream 35% 720 g
Soft chocolate biscuit
  • Egg yolks 140 g
  • Sugar 80 g
  • Belcolade Noir Origins Vietnam 73 80 g
  • Belcolade Ebony 20 g
  • Egg whites 220 g
  • Sugar 20 g
Rust colour glaze
  • Milk 150 g
  • Glucose 250 g
  • Belcolade Lait Selection 450 g
  • Gelatin 13 g
  • Miroir Neutre 500 g
  • Yellow liquid colour QS
  • Red liquid colour QS

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Working Method


1 Pecan nut and brewed coffee sablé
2 Banana creamy
3 Mousse noir Vietnam
4 Soft chocolate biscuit
5 Rust colour glaze

Pecan nut and brewed coffee sablé

• Mix all ingredients until they obtain a sandy texture.
• Roll out between 2 papers on 4 mm, cut 6 ovale of 7 × 18 cm (metal ring pavoni).
• Bake on Silpain® at 170 ˚C during 15 minutes, open damper.

Banana creamy

• Create a Crème Anglaise with the Starfruit Banana, fresh cream, orange zest and egg yolk.
• Pass through a sieve on top of the chocolate.
• Mix with the hand blender until you obtain a homogenous texture (please note: due to the banana fibre the texture may look different from what you might expect).
• Pour on top of the soft chocolate biscuit, let it crystalize in the fridge, then put in it the freezer.

Mousse noir Vietnam

• Create a Crème Anglaise with the milk, fresh cream, egg yolks and sugar.
• Pass through a sieve on top of chocolates and mix correctly.
• When the mixture reaches a temperature of 35 - 38 ˚C, add the soft whipped cream.
• Build the cake reverse, including the creamy in the centre.

Soft chocolate biscuit

• Whip the egg yolks and sugar together.
• Then mix it with the melted chocolate (45 ˚C).
• Whip the egg whites with the other part of sugar and incorporate in the first mixture.
• Spread it regularly on tray 40 × 60 cm.
• Bake at 230 ˚C during 6 min.
• Let it cool down and cut 6 ovale biscuits of 6 × 16 cm and dispose them in the ring.

Rust colour glaze

• Boil the milk and glucose and pour on the chocolate.
• Add the pre-soaked gelatin leaves, Miroir Neutre and colours.
• Homogenize with hand blender to remove air.
• Apply at 30 - 35 ˚C on the frozen mousse cake.

Interested in this recipe?

Read more about our sustainable Cacao-Trace program.