Carat compound: the perfect chocolate touch

Carat compound: the perfect chocolate touch


Carat is a high-quality range of compound chocolates and fillings, that is especially designed especially for artisans, industrials and supermarkets alike. The Carat range from Puratos is easy to use and guarantees a the perfect result regardless of the application or whether you want the texture of your product to be rich or high-gloss and crisp-looking. Carat Coverlux is one the main ingredients featured in the week's Taste Tomorrow Tartelette recipe.


Compound chocolate is created from cocoa powder, vegetable oil and fat. Suitable for a whole wide variety of applications, compound chocolate has a delicious taste and will give your products a professional-looking finishing touch. It is a perfect ingredient for creating products that can be eaten conveniently on the go, and lets you experiment with textures, shapes and colours to create even more varietaties and innovative products.

Puratos Carat compound chocolate is divided into two main categories:

  • Decorcrem: soft & creamy compounds
  • Cover: hard compounds

Carat Coverlux is our premium and best tasting hard compound.

In short, Carat Coverlux:

  • Simply melt and use directly, no tempering needed for coatings.
  • Available in different flavours and sizes.
  • Specific offering of non-hydro solutions is available.
  • Considered by consumers in several countries to be the best compound in taste.
  • Delicious chocolate taste and pleasant texture, thanks to the careful selection of high-quality cocoa powders and fats.
  • Produced all over the world to suit local taste preferences.
  • Easy to use: it can be used directly for the preparation of your mousses, ganaches or pastry cream to add the perfect finishing touch.

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