Cake innovation inspired by Japan

Cake innovation inspired by Japan


With three cake production lines that are typically Japanese of origin, machine manufacturer Masdac has stormed the European and American market in a short space of time. What are their biggest challenges? Hoyte Sillevis Smitt explains about adapting global technology to ‘local flavours’ and conquering the Western market.

An interview with Hoyte Sillevis Smitt, Commercial Director Masdac International.

What were the biggest challenges when crossing over from Japan to Europe?

‘A big difference between Japan and the Western market is the size of the production lines. Customers, especially in Western Europe, will only invest in lines with a high product capacity. Due to a number of big players in Europe and America, our production had to rise from 2,400 to 18,000 pieces per hour, while in Japan a relatively low product capacity is normal. We therefore put a lot of energy into the scaling of our machinery and increased their capacity enormously.' 

Why does Japan remain so important?

‘The Japanese cake market is very inspiring and the range there is enormous. If we are travelling in Asia, or if we take customers along, we go into supermarkets and department stores to look at all the products that are on the shelf. We look for products that inspire us, which we would like to develop for the international market. The drive for perfection of the Japanese is very inspiring.'

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