Cacao-Trace: for a shared value from cocoa bean to chocolate

Cacao-Trace: for a shared value from cocoa bean to chocolate


Chocolate has been cherished for thousands of years and its future depends on a more sustainable supply chain. Consumers encourage more sustainable sourcing, but only if it does not compromise on taste or quality. Cacao-Trace is Puratos' certification programme to create delicious chocolate while working on a more sustainable and transparent cocoa supply chain.

Shared value from farmer to consumer
Cacao-Trace stands for high quality and sustainable chocolate. It is a mutually beneficial programme- currently active in Ivory Coast and Vietnam - that builds upon the farmer's local knowledge and expertise and empowers them to have better yields, sustainable farming practices and better livelihoods. With Cacao-Trace Puratos supports farmers to increase the value of their cocoa and it helps them to be more committed on the long term. And on the long term the programme helps to ensure great tasting chocolate that be enjoyed for generations to come.

Great tasting chocolate
When it comes to flavour and taste, Cacao-Trace chocolate offers what other sustainable chocolate products often do not. This is due to the intense focus on the post-harvest process, and other factors such as soil, climate and the genetic variety of the bean. As with winemaking, fermentation is an essential stage in developing the flavour potential of each cocoa bean. Mastering this process ensures that only the highest quality beans become delicious Cacao-Trace chocolate. It is good not to compromise!

Differentiation by storytelling
Cacao-Trace is highly attractive to farmers as well as chocolate lovers. The physical traceability from bean to bar and the transparent sourcing gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by opting for storytelling. By purchasing Cacao-Trace chocolate, you are supporting a better life for Cacao-Trace cocoa farmers and their families. And thanks to the Chocolate Bonus included in the pricing you help rebalancing the value in the supply chain.

Peace of Mind
The Cacao-Trace certification programme covers all aspects of sustainable certifications -like people, planet and profit criteria - and it is audited every year. The programme helps companies to reach their sustainability targets as part of their responsible sourcing strategies.

The Cacao-Trace portfolio covers Belcolade, Chocolanté and Carat brands for all types of finished goods. Interested in how Puratos can help to support you in a more sustainable assortment? Don’t hesitate to contact your local Puratos representative.

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