Belcolade: The real Belgium chocolate


Cocoa is nutritional, energizing and a natural source of magnesium. From this natural power-ingredient Puratos crafts Belcolade: real Belgium chocolate. Through the selection of the finest raw ingredients it focuses on quality and taste above all. Chocolate is the ultimate treat and one of the most popular flavours in patisserie and sweet baked goods. 

Chocolate experts
One range is ‘Belcolade Origins’, which offers a variety of chocolates with a delicious taste. Each Belcolade Origins chocolate is made with carefully selected cocoa beans that difference from each other that reflect the differences between the regions where they are grown. For example Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 is a dark chocolate with a 73% cocoa content. It is produced from Trinitario cocoa beans grown in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, the ‘Little Venice’ of Asia. This chocolate has an unexpected taste: a pronounced acid cocoa taste enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes.

Belcolade: The real Belgium chocolate

Higher return
In Vietnam we work closely with farmers thanks to our platform in the Ben Tre province. There our agronomists accompany farmers with methods for them to improve productivity and quality, which results in a higher return. The pods are handled in our post-harvest centre where we have full control over both quality and traceability. Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 is the first chocolate made of cocoa from our Cacao-Trace programme.

Belcolade: The real Belgium chocolate
Take your advantage
Belcolade offers:

- Exceptional and differentiating taste profiles for all product ranges
- Belgian authenticity
- Continuous innovation
- Quality which is only available to professionals
- A comprehensive range of dark, milk and white chocolates
- A premium range of exclusive origin chocolates

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