Acti-Fresh for fresher cakes


Tackling the cake industry’s biggest challenge! Our Taste Tomorrow survey shows that freshness is the number one criteria in consumer satisfaction when evaluating cake products. And happy customers are good for business, as they buy your products again and again. But still, important challenges need to be overcome. As the moment of consumption of a packed to-go cake can be days, weeks and even months after production, the level of freshness of your cake will determine if you leave your consumer either disappointed or delighted.

Say goodbye to dry
Acti-Fresh is an innovative solution based on enzymes and emulsifier technology that improves the freshness of a variety of cakes types, including muffins, sponge cakes and cake donuts from the first day on, and guarantees full freshness, even after several weeks or even months. It has a proven positive effect on the different freshness parameters including softness, moistness, cohesiveness and resiliency. The result: enhanced softness meaning extended shelf life possibilities and increased customer satisfaction. This will allow you to improve your product quality, extend the geographical distribution of your cakes, decrease your stale return and improve your profits. Tests show that consumers perceive an immediate gain in cake freshness when Acti-Fresh is integrated to cakes.

Product benefits:

- Fresh cakes at any moment and any  place of consumption
- Cakes with perfect freshness and texture for on-the-go
- Products with new texture sensations
- Improves margins by optimizing production and distribution costs and reducing waste
- Allows to make products wider available and extend the distribution area.

Cake Freshness Lab
At Puratos we take the freshness of our cakes very serious. Visit to find plenty of tools and resources to start optimizing the freshness of your cakes and the performance of your business, right away!

Would you like to experience the benefits of Acti-Fresh technology for yourself? Why not try the Taste Tomorrow Muffin recipe? As muffins tend to be small in size but with an extensive crust, they tend to dry out relatively quick. Inclusions such as chocolate chunks, candied fruits and nuts absorb water, further contributing to the drying out of the crumb. Acti-Fresh helps you get the most out of your muffin recipes.