A recipe to respond to the global need for perfect taste


Taste is a very important factor for consumers when they decide to buy bread, patisserie and chocolate. It’s even more important than freshness, which was most important in 2015. This shift in consumer needs was revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey


The survey also revealed that consumers like both traditional and exotic flavours that contribute to their tasting experience, and that texture has become a key component. Consumers pay as much attention to a special, delicious, appealing texture as to flavour. Different textures are visually interesting as well, and after all, consumers want to be wowed by all their senses. A feast for the eyes, multi-layered textures and flavours are essential to create a sensorial delight. 

A recipe to respond to the global need for perfect taste

All these important takeaways from the Taste Tomorrow survey were considered when creating this Strawberry recipe. This indulgent strawberry-like croissant offers a delicious melting feeling, which will both surprise and delight your customers.



Working Method


Topfil Finest Strawberry (mixed to make it more fluid).


Red: Take out 425g of dough and mix with 2g red colorant.


Mixing Spiral

4 min. slow speed / 4’ Fast speed

Dough Temperature



30 min. at -20ºC 


4 x 4


30 min. at 4ºC 

Make Up

• Place the colored dough on top then roll out at 2,7 mm.

• Cut triangles of 25 x 9 cm then cut in half.

Final Fermentation

120 min. at 28ºC / 85%

Before baking

Brush with Sunset Glaze

Oven temperature

210ºC in deck oven with initial steam

Baking Time

17 min. on hamburger trays


• After baking glaze with syrup.

• Pipe some Strawberry coulis inside and dip the side in white chocolate.

• Decorate with green leaf of sugar and a little bit of icing sugar.

Interested in this recipe?

One of the key ingredients of this delicious Strawberry is Puratos’ Mimetic, which provides the sensation of butter in end products along with the workability of margarine. Read more about Mimetic. 

Interested to try out this recipe yourself? Download the PDF with the Strawberry recipe.