A recipe to respond to the global need for healthy food


Consumers across the globe are getting more conscious about their health. And in a healthy lifestyle, healthy food plays an important part. Beside health, consumers value other parameters, like taste. Therefore, the health aspects of food should never compromise the taste, as confirmed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey.

Both removing and adding ingredients
The survey showed much more. In fact, the results of the latest edition unveiled nine worldwide trends, one of which being Health. Within Health, we learned that for most consumers, health in food is not only about removing or reducing ingredients that have undesirable effects, like fat, sugar or salt, but is also about adding ingredients that can contribute to better health and well-being. 

A recipe to respond to the global need for healthy food

Bite Root recipe
That’s why we created this Bite Root recipe for you, which is healthy and tasty at the same time. In this recipe, the apple is used as a whole, and it’s infused in red beetroot, which acts as a natural sweetener. The non-dairy cream provides a refreshing taste while the raspberry crumble brings texture to the experience.


Organic red apple
  • Organic apple ‘cox orange’ (Ø 5-6 cm) 32 pcs
  • Fresh organic Beet root juice 800 gr
Cream cheese mousse
  • Milk 40 gr
  • Festipak 150 gr
  • Vanilla 1⁄2 pc
  • Orange zest 1,5 gr
  • Sugar 40 gr
  • Gelatin powder 180 bloom 10 gr
  • Water 60 gr
  • Yoghurt 150 gr
  • Passionata 500 gr
Acidulate beetroot & raspberry jelly
  • Beet root juice (from baking) 150 gr
  • Starfruit raspberry 270 gr
  • Sugar 30 gr
  • Pectin BH 4,5 gr
Raspberry crumble
  • Flour T 45 300 gr
  • Sugar 240 gr
  • Dried raspberry powder 80 gr
  • Butter 280 gr
  • Almond powder 100 gr
  • Salt 2 gr
  • Miroir Glassage Neutre Q.S.
  • Fresh edible cress Q.S.

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Working Method

Organic red apple (4 vacuum bag of 400 x 300 mm / 85% vacuum)

• Remove the tail, peel off apples and remove the center with a round dough cutter of 3 cm.
• Put 8 apples in a vacuum bag, add 200 gr of beet root juice, vacuum and seal.
• In a oven, bake at 80 ̊C with 100% steam during 25 min.
• Let cool down in the bag, remove and drain out the extra juice and reserve it for the jelly.

Cream cheese mousse (15 gr/apple)

• Bring to a boil the Festipak, Passionata, orange zest and vanilla, then add the gelatin and pour over the yoghurt.
• Mix and incorporate the lightly whipped cream at around 26 ̊C.
• Fill the center of cold apples. Let it set.

Acidulate beetroot & raspberry jelly

• Bring to a boil the juice and puree, at 60 ̊C add pectin mixed with sugar.
• Stop cooking and cool down around 35 ̊C, then pour on top of the cream cheese mousse, till the top.

Raspberry crumble (30 gr/plate)

• Mix everything together, sprinkle on a tray and bake at 160 ̊C, open damper, during 20 min.
• Mix it several time to bake uniformly.
• Cool down and reserve.


• Glaze the whole apple using Miroir Glassage Neutre at 35-37ºC
• Decorate using fresh edible cress

Interested in this recipe?

One of the key ingredients is Puratos’ Festipak, which is a multipurpose, unsweetened, non-dairy UHT cream. Festipak offers a creamy texture to your baked goods when used for cooking or whipping.

Interested to try out this recipe yourself? Download the PDF with the Bite Root recipe.