A recipe to capitalise on the classics

A recipe to capitalise on the classics


The classics will always hold their ground in the baked goods industry. People are creatures of habit when it comes to bakery products. In an abundant world of food where quality and health are under pressure, people turn to tradition and routine. At the same time, however, they yearn for innovative products and new flavours. The challenge is to capitalise on your classics by breaking the routine: reinvent the classics by giving them a contemporary look, composition or filling while at the same time optimising the production process. 

That's exactly what we’ve done to the all-time favourite Tarte Tropézienne. Tarte Tropézienne is a cake that was introduced in 1955 by French pastry chef Alexandre Micka from Saint-Tropez. The cake is often eaten as a dessert. Our technical advisors have transformed its shape, shine and filling. This new twist will surely surprise your customers!




  • Tegral Brioche 1000 g
  • Water 270 g
  • Fresh yeast 5 g
  • Eggs 600 g
  • Sunset Glaze Q.S.
  • Water 1000 g
  • Sugar 250 g
  • Orange flow blossom 5 g
Sesame tuile
  • Florex 1000 g
  • Sesame seeds 250 g
Vanilla cream
  • Milk 300 g
  • Vanilla pods 2
  • Puratos Bavarois Neutral 240 g
  • Puratos Chantypak 600 g
  • Fresh cream 600 g
Pineapple heart
  • Topfil Pineapple Q.S.

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Working Method


Mix all the ingredients into the mixer for 5 minutes at slow and 7 minutes at fast speed.

The final dough temperature should be 28°C. 

Store in the freezer at -18°C for 30 minutes. 

Weigh out 30g and form dough into a round shape.

Final fermentation: +/- 60 minutes at 30°C and 85% relative humidity.

Spray with Sunset Glaze.

Bake at 215°C for bottom, 210°C for top, for about 12 minutes.


Bring all ingredients to a boil.

Sesame tuile

Mix the florex and the coconut together, bake into a round Silpat at 180°C.

Vanilla cream

Heat up the milk with the vanilla pods and infuse for 10 minutes.

Let it cool down to 40°C and add the bavarois neutral.

Then fold the lightly whipped chantypak and cream.

Pineapple heart

Pipe the topfil pineapple into a silpat and freeze.


Prepare the vanilla cream and mould into a Silpat with the frozen pineapple heart in the centre.

Cut the top off the brioche and soak both sides in the warm syrup.

Take the vanilla bavaroise disc out of the mould and place in between the brioche.

Add the ring of chocolate and add a sesame seed tuile for decoration. 

Process Steps

Interested in this recipe?

One of the key ingredients of the Tarte Tropézienne is Puratos’ Sunset Glaze: a ready-to-use UHT egg-wash alternative. It’s unsweetened and non-sticky and it provides a golden shine to the bun. This increases the visual appeal of the dessert, which is a critical component for customers when they select desserts. Read more about Sunset Glaze.

Interested to try out his recipe yourself? Download the Tarte Tropézienne recipe PDF.