A festive superstar concept: Pasteleria Tia Lucy

A festive superstar concept: Pasteleria Tia Lucy


At Pasteleria Tía Lucy, in Chile, they specialize in celebration cakes. A true 'superstar' product that can appear in almost every imaginable taste, shape and size. We spoke with owner Luz Retamal Campos about her superstar.

Size matters
Chilean consumers like big cakes, so at Tía Lucy they make their cakes big! Founder and owner Luz started making these richly decorated celebration cakes 25 years ago, because she saw that it answered to a consumer need for specialized and unique cakes. Today, Tía Lucy offers a wide range of different cakes.

There are more than thirty cakes with a permanent place on the menu, but this doesn’t mean they’re standardized. On the contrary, Tía Lucy is famous for its custom made cakes. If the customer wants a cake designed like a train, Tía Lucy will make a train. If the birthday boy likes dinosaurs, he will receive a dinosaur cake. For Christmas, Tía Lucy adapts the usual cakes with festive decorations like Santa shapes.

Element of surprise
Consumers like the element of surprise, something crucial to Superstar concepts. Concepts offer all the classic taste combinations, but also some that are more extreme, original and which have seasonal variations. At Tía Lucy this is also common practice. "Nowadays, people are more daring when choosing their decorations. They ask for strong colours or an unusual mix of ingredients." The element of surprise also comes from new product development. Luz regularly travels to other countries for fresh inspiration. She returns to create cakes that have been inspired by her journeys.

Popular tastes
Anything is possible at Tía Lucy, which means the customer can request any ingredient he wants. If the customer asks for an unusual mix of flavours, Tía Lucy will make it so. For those working at the company, this is a great opportunity to explore new combinations and techniques. The team is also well placed to advise their customers about successful flavour combinations, designs and shapes based on their many years of experience.

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