8 x concepts that illustrate the evolution of the hyper personal trend


The past few years, personalised food has become quite common. But the personalisation trend is evolving. It’s no longer just about a personalised birthday cake; it’s getting much more advanced. The Taste Tomorrow survey reveals that we’re only at the beginning of this trend. These 8 concepts illustrate the evolution of hyper personal food.

Consumers love personalised food and services
Every person in the world is unique and has their own personal preferences. That’s why personalisation is trending and continuously evolving. Consumers want everything they buy to reflect their personal taste. Their clothes, shoes, coffee… and their baked goods. Custom-made bread, patisserie and chocolate are highly appreciated and will become even more important in the future.

8 x concepts that illustrate the evolution of the hyper personal trend

The latest Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that the personalisation trend has evolved into the Hyper Personal trend. It developed from some basic adaptations to more advanced things, such as enabling consumers to select ingredients and 3D finishing. These 8 concepts illustrate the evolution from personal to more personal to hyper-personal: 

Choose your own decoration, shape, filling or topping. These concepts make it possible to adapt the looks of your product exactly to your customers’ wishes:

1. Create your own donut
The California Donuts shop sells custom-made donuts in every shape and with any glaze or topping you wish. Think of huge donuts as a birthday cake, letter-shaped donuts or donuts in the shape of a panda or unicorn.

2. Create your own M&M’s
M&M’s has an online configurator, making it possible to personalise both your M&M’s and the packaging. Choose your own colour, add clipart or upload your own image, and add text exactly to your wishes.

3. Create your own chocolate bar
At the Ritter flagship store in Berlin, you can create your own Ritter Sport bar by choosing your favourite kind of chocolate and toppings. You can pick it up within 30 minutes.

8 x concepts that illustrate the evolution of the hyper personal trend

The latest survey reveals that consumers are open for further developments, and are very curious about food adapted to their own nutritional needs:

4. Chocolate with vitamins and supplements
Good Day Chocolate acknowledges there are all kinds of challenges that we all deal with in daily life. Whether you’re tired, anxious, restless or just plain craving chocolate – the candy-coated chocolate supplements of Good Day Chocolate are there for you. Each product is made with Fair Trade dark or milk chocolate, and packed with premium supplements that transform you into your preferred mood – full of energy, calm, or sleepy. It is real mood food. Good Day Chocolate chose chocolate as the ‘carrier’ for their supplements because it’s an effective delivery format (also for children), and it’s a whole food with natural, healthy benefits.

Do you want to make mood food yourself too? Try our Mood balls recipe to get your customers in the right mood.

5. Personalised healthy snacks in a box 
Naturebox is an online subscription service for personalised healthy snacks. This food box concept is composed according to a consumer’s taste and dietary preferences. Tick the boxes with your specific needs – like vegan, gluten-free, low carb, low sodium, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, sugar-free – and the box will be composed to your specific needs. All snacks are made without corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Besides offering far-reaching personalisation, Naturebox responds to the trend of Ultimate Convenience, as they deliver their online ordered foodboxes right to your doorstep.

6. Chocolate for pregnant women
Chocolate bonbons for pregnant women. Together with a hospital and a chocolatier, Dutch concept Chocobombes has created a healthy way to eat chocolate during pregnancy. A pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each featuring specific developments. Chocobombes developed bonbons specifically for every trimester, filled with nutrients supporting the relevant phase. By acknowledging that nutritional needs vary in the different stages of pregnancy, Chocobombes is well on its way to tailoring food to every individual.

8 x concepts that illustrate the evolution of the hyper personal trend

The next step will be more advanced recommendations based on consumers’ DNA or gut health. The Taste Tomorrow survey showed clearly that consumers are interested in taking personalisation to new heights. When asked “Would you adapt your food consumption if you knew what your optimal diet based on your DNA is?”, the majority answered positively. Does DNA-based food sound remote to you? These concepts have already reached this stage of hyper personalisation. 

7. Nutrition based on your biomarkers 
Habit is a personalised nutrition company that is making optimal nutrition possible. Unlike one-size-fits-all diets, Habit uses an at-home test to uncover details about genetics, lifestyle, metabolism and goals to design personalised eating recommendations. How does it work? You answer some questions concerning your cholesterol levels, activity level and wellness goals to understand what your body needs. And then, based on your biomarkers, you learn how your body handles carbs, fat, protein and more. This shows you where you have opportunities to optimise your health with nutrition. After that, you get your nutrition plan, including your ideal plate, daily food guide, top-ranked foods in each food group, and personalised recipes.

8. Vitamins tailored to your DNA
Rootine claims that when you take 20 different vitamins and minerals, one will be harmful, two will have no effect and the rest will be incorrectly dosed. Mass vitamins are designed for everyone, but they fit no one. That’s why Rootine brings you vitamins tailored to your DNA, nutrient levels and lifestyle. This comprehensive vitamin program actually analyses your unique DNA variations, lifestyle factors, and blood nutrient levels to custom-build your truly personalised vitamin formula. They do this by taking a profile and lifestyle assessment and a DNA cheek-swab test. Hyper personal indeed! 

8 x concepts that illustrate the evolution of the hyper personal trend

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