6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way


Today’s consumers are increasingly busy. With so much to do and so little time, convenience is of growing importance when it comes to buying food. The latest Taste Tomorrow survey revealed the Ultimate Convenience trend. Convenience can come in many forms. As the survey also revealed Health as one of the nine key trends, we like to zoom in on some concepts that make it ultimately convenient to buy healthy food. 

I want it all, and I want it now
Until recently, the convenience trend was mainly about ‘as easy and fast as possible’. Though this is still true, the latest Taste Tomorrow survey showed that there’s more to convenience nowadays. Convenience can come in many forms, such as:

  • Speed, quick preparation

  • Always available (24/7)

  • Meal mobility (eating on the go / taking prepared food home)

  • Easy (online) ordering 

  • Home delivery

Consumers want to be able to buy fresh food 24/7
Obtaining food ‘as easily and quickly as possible’ used to lead to junk food alternatives. Not anymore.  We’re happy to see that a growing number of concepts are on a mission to make it ultimately convenient to buy healthy food. These 6 examples – that respond to both the Health trend and the Ultimate Convenience trend – will deliver you a helping of inspiration. 

Foodmaestro: easy access to safe and healthy food
For people that have to cope with allergies and intolerances, or follow a specific diet, it’s often difficult to find out what food is safe for them. The award-winning platform Foodmaestro makes it easy for them to make informed decisions about the food they eat. Foodmaestro combines label information with clinical health and wellness data to give it meaning that can be read and understood by everyone. With the Foodmaestro app on your mobile phone, you can instantly check if a product is safe for you. Just scan the barcode or search in the app for the product.
6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

Warehouse: gym and healthy food hotspot in one
Healthy food concept Warehouse is located within an Antwerp-based gym. Both Warehouse and the gym have the same mission: creating an environment that inspires people to live healthily. Of course it’s very convenient to get your seasonal and fresh dishes and healthy snacks at the same place as where you can work on your muscles and condition. The menu features dishes like quiche, avocado toast, healthy juices, homemade lemonades and vegan banana bread. 
6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

Naturebox: personalised healthy snacks in a box
Naturebox is an online subscription service for personalised healthy snacks, without artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, without corn syrup and without hydrogenated oils. This food box caters to each consumer’s taste and dietary preferences. Paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, low fat… it’s all possible, and the box is composed to meet a consumer's specific needs. Naturebox's goal is to promote wellness and reduce stress by providing delicious, healthier snacks, delivered in the most convenient way possible to your home or office.
6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

Health Food Wall: quick and healthy take-away meals
Health Food Wall makes it ultimately convenient to choose a healthy take-away meal instead of a standard fast food snack. The Healthy Food Wall is the fastest healthy meal solution on the market today, and makes it possible to obtain a healthy meal in just a couple of seconds. All meals that are offered through the automat are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-friendly and are packed in biodegradable and FSC-certified materials. That makes them good not only for people’s health, but also for the environment and animal welfare.
6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

Paleo Power Meals: pick up your Paleo meal after your workout
From workout to taking the work out of preparing and cooking dinner: that’s Paleo Power Meals’ mission. This US-based concept fills refrigerators in gyms with healthy meals and snacks. Members of the gym can subscribe to PPM, order the meal they want and pick up their fresh and healthy meal right after their training, or they can have it shipped to their home. All meals and snacks are based on Paleo, the ‘primeval diet’ in which the recommended ingredients are mainly meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts. PPM ensures that the products are the freshest products available and, whenever possible, organic, free range poultry, grass fed beef and line caught fish.

6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

Portions: sustainable, fresh and healthy vending
Another automat-based concept is Portions, offering healthy salads packed in a jar. With their vending machines, they provide easily accessible healthy meals that taste great and are very nutritious. All of their recipes are curated by a dietician, and their ingredients are carefully selected to nourish the mind and body. No sugar and salt are added to the salads and dressings. It’s Portions' mission to make healthy meals easily accessible, including at locations where a healthy option is often hard to find, like hospitals and train stations. The vending machines are made of recycled parts from old automats, and the plastic jars in which the salads are provided are also on their second life.
6 ways of buying food in an ultimately convenient way

These concepts link ultimate convenience to healthy food. Of course, there are also other ways to offer your customers ultimate convenience. By making it possible to eat breakfast all day, for example. Or by delivering your products to their door.