4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes

4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


When days get shorter, consumers gravitate towards comforting meals and warming beverages. The falling leaves kick-off a season full of heartening, cozy foods made with seasonal products and loads of spices. These four typical fall flavors will make your bakes a guaranteed hit this season. 


1. Pumpkin spice

During the fall and early winter months, pumpkin spice has become a true staple at grocery stores and coffee shops. It can be found in lattes, pancakes, autumn beers, and so much more. Google data shows that online searches on pumpkin spice peak yearly at the end of August, when summer’s over. The hype lasts until Thanksgiving, which causes a final surge of interest in the flavor.

Pumpkin spice got its name from the fact that it was initially used to create pumpkin-flavored cakes and pies. Over time, it’s become a common ingredient in numerous popular recipes, many of which don’t even contain actual pumpkin. The spice mix, also known as pumpkin pie spice, contains cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. Some pumpkin spice blends may exclude one or two spices, but the majority contain at least two or three of the spices mentioned above. Coffee chain Starbucks is a big contributor to the popularity of pumpkin spice, serving drinks and snacks with the spice blend. But major candy brands like KitKat and Oreo have incorporated the beloved spice mix into their products as well, showing the popularity of the taste.


4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


2. Maple syrup

Even though it’s usually produced in spring, maple syrup is associated with fall. That makes sense when you remember that the molasses goes very well with almost any fall ingredient, like apples, pumpkin and nuts. Especially the combination between the sweet maple syrup and nutty pecan is a classic. 


About 80% of all maple syrup is produced in Canada, where the maple tree is the national symbol. The syrup is graded based on its color and divided into four categories; golden, amber, dark and very dark. Each type of maple syrup has its own recommended use. For example, golden syrup works very well with ice cream or yogurt while the amber-colored syrup is most suitable for classic pancakes and syrup dishes. The darker syrups are more intense and suitable for all kinds of recipes where a strong maple flavor is wanted. 


4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


3. Chai spice mix

‘Chai’ simply means ‘tea’ in Hindi. But in this example, chai refers to a spice mixture, which is used for a warming beverage. Chai has a long and illustrious history and recipes vary across continents, cultures, towns and families. However, the spice mix is usually made with strong spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black peppercorns. 


Traditionally, the spice mixture is brewed with milk and sweetened with sugar or honey. But nowadays, chai spice mixes find their way into bread, cakes, chocolate bars and cupcakes. Perfect for consumers who are craving warming snacks on a cold fall day. Because of the spices, those bakes get the same comforting qualities as a cup of the coffeehouse favorite chaI latte. So you’re also tapping into the barista flavor trend with a chai spice cake.


4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


4. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes definitely deserve a mention in a fall flavors article, especially since we’ve seen a spike in vegetable based patisserie. The vegetables have a creamy texture and a sweet but hearty flavor that makes them ideal for savory dishes, but they’re also very suitable for replacing ingredients in sweet recipes. 


The tubers, which are rich in fiber and vitamins, add texture, moisture and can often be used to help reduce the overall fat content. In fact, sweet potato is a great substitute for any butter or excessive oil. Recipes have been made for sweet potato bread, chocolate mousse and cupcakes, but the options are limitless when it comes to substituting ingredients for sweet potato. For an extra bit of visual drama, opt for purple sweet potatoes which give your bakes a bright pop of color.


4 flavors to spice up your fall bakes


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