3 x concepts that preserve and radiate freshness


If it’s fresh, it’s good. For many consumers, a product’s freshness defines its quality. They use all their senses to determine how fresh a product is. Does it smell, look and feel fresh? They also look at the expiry date. All this information impacts how they perceive the product’s quality and whether they decide to buy it or not. These three concepts know exactly how to meet those expectations. 

Expiry date has also become key in the perception of freshness
The latest Taste Tomorrow survey shows that the definition of freshness is evolving. While consumers have always used their senses, they now also associate freshness with the expiry date, or shelf life. It turns out that many consumers prefer fresh food to packaged or frozen food. So make sure to radiate freshness. Give them the smell of freshly baked products, a crunchy look and feel and the chance to see where and when the product was made. Do likewise for the packaged or frozen food you sell, and be sure to tell consumers about the benefits of that type of food.

Get inspired by these three concepts, that know exactly how to seduce their customers with fresh products or that have developed ways to keep food fresh for longer:

Praktik Bakery 
Praktik Bakery is located in Barcelona. It’s the first hotel-bakery in the world. The bakery is at the heart of this boutique hotel. It enables hotel guests to wake up to one of the best aromas in the world: the smell of freshly baked bread, straight from the oven. It also spreads this same smell throughout the lobby, where the guests arrive. Besides savouring the delicious, fresh fragrance, guests can also see the baking process itself, as it takes place in full view. They can even learn how to bake bread themselves, by participating in a workshop.
3 x concepts that preserve and radiate freshness

Tiny but innovative: FreshPaper sheets are a new and award-winning way of keeping your baked goods fresh. Just drop a sheet of FreshPaper bread saver anywhere you keep baked goods (in or out of the fridge). Great for bagels, cookies, muffins, rolls and breads.  The sheets are infused with powerful organic botanicals and keep your breads and baked goods fresh for up to 2-4x longer in a natural way, so they also fit into the ethical lifestyle trend. FreshPaper is also available for cheese and fruit & veggies.
3 x concepts that preserve and radiate freshness

Mimica Lab
Consumers want to know how fresh food is before they buy it. The Mimica Lab’s labels make this information visible. Their smart labels on food packaging stay smooth as long as the product is fresh. A few hours before the product is no longer fresh, the label will become bumpy. Product expiry dates are subject to numerous health regulations and often indicate a shorter time period than necessary, so many products are thrown away for safety reasons while still consumable. By using Mimica Lab’s labels, you can avoid unnecessary food waste and save money. This product also meets the needs of people who want to live a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.
3 x concepts that preserve and radiate freshness

The Taste Tomorrow results are clear: consumers align their perception of quality with the freshness of a product. Learn more about the freshness trend, try recipe of Multigrain bread to offer your customers ultimate freshness. These concepts, previously explored on our website, emphasize that showing and telling how fresh their products are is a great way to meet these consumer needs: the Pastryclub and Eataly.