3 x companies that understand that taste is everything


For most consumers, taste is the crucial factor when they decide to buy bread, patisserie or chocolate. Freshness and price are less important. That was one of the outcomes of the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. The results also revealed that consumers like both traditional tastes and exotic flavours that contribute to their tasting experience. These three companies respond to the taste trend extremely well.

Never sacrifice on taste

Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest bakery, patisserie and chocolate consumer survey. It gathers data from over 17,000 consumers in 40 countries, giving important insights into consumer’s needs and expectations. 

In the survey, consumers were asked: ‘What is most important when buying bread, patisserie or chocolate?’ While in 2015 freshness was the most important factor, taste is now the criterion you should not spare for consumers across the globe. (Please find more detailed information on the Taste trend in the article ‘Taste is crucial when buying bread, patisserie and chocolate’)

These three companies truly understand the importance of taste:

3 x companies that understand that taste is everything

Carpe Koko!

A blend of art, class and awesome chocolate: that’s the Australian chocolate company Carpe Koko! Their stunning handmade chocolates and ganaches are extremely tasty and presented in the most exquisite gift packaging, making them a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. Their chocolates come in many mouth-watering flavours, like Mango Blaze, Mojito Swirl, Mandarin Confit and Mary Framboise. What will you choose: the Espresso Martini chocolates, combining sweet caramel, espresso grinds, vodka and kahlúa? Or do you prefer the ganaches, with local mangrove honey infused with saffron?

3 x companies that understand that taste is everything

Supermoon Bakehouse

The New York-based Supermoon Bakehouse sells the most creative pastries, like multi-coloured sweet and savoury croissants, and doughnuts filled with lavender and honey or strawberry, basil and rhubarb. In addition to all these exotic flavours and attractive products, Supermoon also understands the impact of different textures. Their signature coco-pine cruffin is a good example: a coconut cream patissiere with a pineapple and lemongrass jam centre, a coconut glaze, covered with shredded coconut and topped with a white cream bulb and a dehydrated pineapple fan. Need more proof? Try their sweet and salty soft serve, topped with crunchy crumbs and a piece of Supermoon’s signature croissant: twice baked, with extra salt, sugar and butter.

3 x companies that understand that taste is everything

Bread Bread Bakery

You have to be strong-minded to walk into this bakery without buying anything.  The smell of bread baking in the wood-fired ovens stimulates your appetite like nothing else. The priority of Bread Bread Bakery is to make healthy bread and ethical choices. They serve a big range of products, from signature loaves to specialty breads and sourdough rye breads. Not to forget their tasty buns, rolls, focaccia, cakes and pastries. 


The Taste Tomorrow results are clear: you cannot compromise on taste. Do you want to be on top of the taste trend as well? Try our recipe for an indulgent strawberry-like croissant with a delicious melting feeling!

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