10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing


Consumers actively look for information on the packaging. They want to be informed and reassured about a product, the ingredients and the entire production process. Of course, this need for transparency is not reserved to vegans. Yet, vegan consumers do tend to be more demanding when it comes to food suppliers being transparent in their sourcing information. These 10 vegan concepts provide their customers with a high level of transparency.

Increasing transparency is increasing trust
The transparency trend is one of the nine global trends revealed by the Taste Tomorrow survey. To meet consumers' need for transparency, transparent sourcing is essential. And of course, clear labels on the packaging are key. Consumers actively check the ingredients and nutrition values, but also the presence of additives and claims. “Companies increasing transparency are increasing trust with consumers”, says Tom Spier, founder of the Boulder Food Group, in a Forbes article about transparency in food and drinks.*1 Therefore, companies are increasing the information available regarding ingredients and sourcing. “Some now list suppliers by ingredient type on their website, they also make it easy for consumers to enter the batch number from outside the package to determine the suppliers, area of origination, and other details.”

Transparency in the plant-based category
Increasing transparency is especially prevalent in the plant-based category, says Rachel Gutierrez – founder of Modest Mylk – in the same Forbes article. “The plant-based category has traditionally called for a tremendous amount of preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers to extend shelf lives. To tackle this problem, brands are manufacturing products that are free from dangerous artificial additives. These brands are building trust with consumers by using simple and straightforward ingredient lists that make it possible for anyone to easily read and understand what they are putting into their bodies.”

Transparent & vegan concepts 
The need for transparency is not reserved to vegans. Yet, vegan consumers do tend to be more demanding when it comes to sourcing and ingredient information. These 10 vegan concepts respond to these high demands very well:

Modest Mylk
Rachel Gutierrez launched Modest Mylk with a mission to make nut mylk easier and healthier than ever. Making homemade nut mylk can be time-consuming, messy, and wasteful. And Gutierrez got frustrated by the price, quality, and ingredient lists of non-dairy products in stores.  This led her to create a new line of concentrated nut mylk bases, free from carrageenan, gums, emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial ingredients. With Modest Mylk it’s possible to make your own delicious, 100% organic, clean-label nut mylks at home with zero compromises. 
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

The story of Bobo’s began in a small kitchen, where Bobo and her mother Beryl baked healthy oat bars, from whole grain oats, a little organic cane sugar, a touch of vegan buttery spread, and some brown rice syrup. The bars tasted so good, that Beryl took them to a few local cafes and grocery stores around town. Long story short, Bobo and Beryl are now baking for thousands. Besides the oat bars, Bobo’s also bakes stuffed bars, oat bites and toaster pastries. All products are still handmade, using clean, wholesome ingredients and an extra helping of love. Because keeping families happy, healthy nourished and smiling is their passion.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

Miyoko’s makes 100% non-dairy cheese, butter, and other goodies from organic, real foods like nuts, legumes, and other plant-based ingredients. In their mission to protect our planet, by encouraging consumers to convert to vegan dairy products without having to sacrifice taste, they use traditional creamery cultures, age-old cheesemaking techniques, and modern technology. 
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

At Barnana, they believe that the banana is mother nature’s original energy bar. And so, they use bananas to create delicious, convenient and flavourful snacks, only adding ingredients grown in soil that is alive with nutrients, with no preservatives and nothing fake. To eliminate food waste, they take the ‘imperfect’ bananas from organic banana farms – bananas that are a little too ripe, have scuffs or aren’t the perfect size; i.e. bananas that are typically rejected for export – and upcycle them into very tasty snacks. All are dairy-free; some are vegan, some vegetarian, some paleo, some kosher, some gluten-free. In short, there’s a barnana for everyone.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

Want to learn more about reducing food waste? These 5 concepts also do what they can to prevent food being wasted. 

Naspolya Nassolda
The raw vegan desserts and sweet treats from the Hungarian concept Naspolya Nassolda are very popular. Using only natural, plant-based ingredients and baking nothing above 42°C, they make delicious cakes, desserts and sweet treats to take away. Everything is made without sugar, gluten or dairy products. They use dehydrated buckwheat, seeds and dried fruit instead. Discover more about Naspoly Nassolda. 
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

Malk Organics
Born with a severe dairy allergy, August Vega always struggled to find foods that wouldn’t make her sick. When her son was born with the same allergy, she decided to create a good dairy alternative and founded MALK Organics: products that are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, GMO- and lactose-free, and vegan friendly. All the MALKs are made with six ingredients or less, more than one cup of sprouted organic nuts in every bottle, and are cold-pressed with the latest technology to retain all the nutrients without losing any of the flavour.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

Bunnie Cakes
Mariana Cortez founded Bunnie Cakes after a failed attempt to find a vegan birthday cake for her oldest son who was allergic to dairy. She made some vegan versions of her grandmother's recipes – her grandma was an awesome baker –and started baking cupcakes in her kitchen at home. Today, Bunnie Cakes are sold in many wholesale locations around Miami.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

OHi’s founder Dawn lived on energy bars for years, believing it to be the “healthy” choice for convenient snacks in her busy life of travel. But as she began to educate herself about nutrition and clean, healthy living, Dawn realised the standard energy bar packed with chemical additives and unwanted ingredients were not her best choice. She then made it her mission to develop a clean, whole-food, delicious tasting bar that would leave her feeling nourished and satisfied: the OHi Superfood Bar. The OHi bars are plant-based, gluten-free and grain-free, and they’re available in different flavours. 
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

Bakkers Bakery
This vegan bakery offers vegan brownies, cakes, bliss balls, energy bars and banana bread to Dutch restaurants and caterers. The bakery focuses on vegan ingredients and has taken out the refined sugar. Many products are even produced ‘raw’, which means that they aren’t heated above 42°C, so all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins are preserved.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

One Degree Organics
The name of this company echoes their commitment to total food transparency. This family-owned business believes in the connection between healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people, and they believe you deserve 100% transparency in everything you eat. They source their ingredients by travelling to (small) farmers and producers who use sustainable plant-based methods. This way, they ensure every ingredient meets the highest standards of organic, plant-based, and sustainable farming practices. And they back this transparency with their source code technology, making it possible for consumers to trace every ingredient and meet the farmers and producers dedicated to sustainable, plant-based cultivation.
10 x vegan concepts that focus on transparent sourcing

The transparency trend is about clean labels and transparent sourcing. The concepts above highly value transparency, but they also respond to the ethical lifestyle trend and the health trend that were revealed by the Taste Tomorrow survey. Want to create something transparent yourself? Try this new recipe for a Smoked Grains Knot that makes it possible to be transparent because of the edible QR code.


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