General terms and conditions governing the use of the Taste Tomorrow website

The use of this Website is subject to the conditions of use described hereunder:

1. Defintions

  • Puratos: Puratos NV, with registered office at Industrialaan 25, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden or any other affiliate of the Puratos Group.
  • Taste Tomorrow website or Website means the website created by Puratos.
  • User means all persons who have access to the Taste Tomorrow website.

2. Use of the Taste Tomorrow website

Puratos cannot guarantee that the Website will function at all times without any limitations or malfunctions. Puratos aim is to resolve any malfunctions and restrictions as quickly as possible and to limit any disruption for users to a minimum.

3. Conditions of access

  • The access is personal and the user may not assign his rights or obligations to any other third party.
  • Each registration (password) is for a single user only. The user is responsible for protecting the security of his username and password.
  • The user must keep the access to the Taste Tomorrow website secure and protected from any unauthorised access, use, storage, copying or disclosure.
  • PURATOS accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the good functioning of the Taste Tomorrow website.

4. Conditions of use

  • All information available on the Taste Tomorrow website is the exclusive property of PURATOS.
  • The user will not forward any information on the Taste Tomorrow website to third parties.
  • Except with prior written authorization from PURATOS, no information received through the Taste Tomorrow website may be duplicated, reproduced, distributed, posted or otherwise disseminated in any form, in whole or in part, anywhere in the world.
  • The user will not place any content or material on the forum that is or could be inappropriate, unlawful, harmful, etc. In this case, PURATOS reserves the right to remove such content or material immediately from the Website.

5. Confidentiality obligations

The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the information available on the Taste Tomorrow website will be treated confidentially.

Only information which the user can also obtain in a lawful manner, other than by access to the Website or which is in the public domain does not fall under this duty of confidentiality.

6. Liability

Puratos is not liable for any damages arising or resulting from any direct or indirect use of the Taste Tomorrow website or of the information made available on or via the Website.