About Taste Tomorrow

Consumers have become more articulate over the last few years. They want to have a say in the products that are coming their way and have more means than ever before to do so. It would seem we are exposed to new consumer rules, but what exactly defines these new ways in which consumers rule?

What are those needs, those requests and those demandsWhat products will they welcome and embrace in bakery, pastry, patisserie and chocolate? Do they foresee less or more diversity, innovation and availability? What are their expectations regarding the quality, naturalness, healthiness and taste? It is important to get a hold of the facts to understand how consumers choose, select, decide, control.

That is why Puratos set off on a trip around the world to interview almost 11.000 consumers in 25 countries about their choicesattitudes and perceptions all related to the baked goods industry. With Taste Tomorrow, we want to offer in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviour and trends related to bakery, pastry, patisserie and chocolate to inspire you to further innovate and differentiate towards the future.